The Brothers...

Let us introduce ourselves... We’re Max, Jake and Gus, three brothers born and raised in Buckinghamshire and the men behind the ‘Bucks Brothers’ brand, a family run spirit company. 

Our passion for life, family ethos and enthusiasm for great gin is exactly what has inspired us on this journey. Our brand (and life) philosophy is to have fun and keep things simple, which is why we create exceptionally tasty spirits, with none of the fuss.

The brand was established in June 2020. Lock down had been lifted, and we were enjoying a brotherly bike ride through the Buckinghamshire countryside. We stopped off at a local pub for a refreshing gin and tonic in the sun, and talked about creating a gin inspired by it's local heritage, and a few months later ‘Bucks Brothers Buckinghamshire Dry Gin’ was born.

We love to be at the centre of the excitement, which is why we personally hand finish all of our spirits with a wax seal, and a product/batch number (sometimes you will see us on the road personally delivering them too!). 
Lisa John

Max Derry

Max’s perfect mix is
'The zesty one'

- 50ml of Bucks Brothers Gin
- The juice of 1 lemon
- Crushed ice
- 2 wedges of lime
- A handful of fresh mint leaves
- Indian tonic water

Jane Doe

Jake Derry

Jake’s perfect mix is
'The herby one'

- 50ml of Bucks Brothers Gin
- 30ml of honey
- 2 sprigs of thyme and/or rosemary
- 2 sage leaves
- 1 lemon slice
- Tonic water

Jane Doe

Gus Derry

Gus’s perfect mix is
'The one with a kick'

- 50ml of Bucks Brothers Gin
- Lots of ice
- A stick of cinnamon
- Handful of pink peppercorns
- Aromatic tonic water